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.:: am i a person or a salad ::.

사랑해 I love you
HI MY NAME'S ELAINE AND I LIKE TO PROCRASTINATE. Really. I'm sorry. I am not fit for the routine Asian life...I'm Asian, but I don't think I'm that smart like smartness level Asian. Filipino yoooooooooo. And because I'm Asian, it's kinda stereotypical to think that I love Asian things. AND I DO. A LOT. K-Pop, K-Dramas, J-Rock, anime (not really), manga (also not a biggy), and pocky. I don't like sushi----- My Asian likes are sad because I live in America and I would have to go to the other side of the world in order to be in get closer to hot Korean idols... Anyways, I mainly draw animals but I am starting to study people and how to draw people. I use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and usually sketch on paper before digitalizing it. Doodles are one thing I do in school. A teacher complemented my doodle instead of telling me to stop. I have a small circle of friends and I am quite annoying, so, I am hated but loved. I read mainstream books not because I want to but because they are mainstream. I keep a collection of books in a drawer just in case books are extinct in the future. I need wifi and my phone.
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.:: i'm bored so ask me questionssssssss ::.

Ask Me is OPEN!
You can ask me anything besides personal info: where do you live, age, etc. Otherwise, ask away!

Edit: Since I have school, I will be doing asks on the weekends and on holidays ONLY. Thank you.

ETV, aka Elaine TV~

.:: am i organized or what ::.

Hi so I have more accounts...
Second/Backup account: :iconflames-of-war:
Adopts account: :iconelaineadoptables:

I have a group as well...

I also have rl friends on here...
:iconpigster120: is a butt and likes pigs
:icondogster1291: is obsessed with pokemon
:iconinsanealchemist: is weird the whole way through

.:: i ship/fangirl about ::.

I'm obsessed with VIXX and GOT7! Let's share our love for hot, weird guys together~ JB is hot o n o I like Jackson better- ahahahaha........

.:: well i guess i can procrastinate more ::.

:bulletpink: none

All of my trades, commishies, collabs will be posted on my second account :iconflames-of-war:
PC: Elaine 0% by Skylar-Wolf Not started
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ew by TimeForLols
i'm so fluffy today :heart:
nicolette admitted i am her first best friend and that she told me things that her other friends that she has been friends for years don't know
i mean- i beat out the people who have been in her life wayyyy longer than i have and i'm her first best friend. i was a little out of it 

i love her anyways 
i'm so happy

art (c) me
wolfs (c) me

oh and that cat in the corner is nicolette's kitty ringo
comfort me and hug me you- by TimeForLols
comfort me and hug me you-
i need to study but i did this im going to fail a test tmrw oh my god

but today i was comforted by my friend nicolette

me: *hugs*
nicolette: *hugs back*
nicolette: do you like my hugs? they're the best because they are my hugs~
me: *smiles and nods*
nicolette: you can let go now-
me: no
nicolette: *letting me hug her for awhile* it's like- a piece of gum is stuck to my shoe- 

Art (c) me
Designs (c) me
Sunday Warrior by TimeForLols
Sunday Warrior
it's monday, actually
i need to go to sleep

art (c) me
Jae-ja Vu? by TimeForLols
Jae-ja Vu?
I finally came up with character designs for these two holy crap- They're not the same person but they are- COMPLETLY DIFFERENT BUT THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT ANY BETTER THAN THAT
they spelled their names differently and have different personalities, coming from different times

- hot
- masculine
- scared
- tops jackie cough
- recent
- was choi minho 

jaeBEOM/beom jae/jae bae:
- cute (and hot)
- feminine 
- fearless really
- bottoms to jackie COUGH
- older

sobs i really want to make this a comic but everyone's accounts got deactivated and i like using direct quotes 
it would be called...i don't know what it would be called

and i made this with my mac and tablet and it worked

Art (c) me
Designs (c) me
Jaebum: GOT7
Boo Boo I Got You by TimeForLols
Boo Boo I Got You
I'm ugly and I'm proud

I got a bear kigurumi three weeks ago and I love it even though it has creepy eyes

i'm improving yes
i can't fo side angles
i'm sorry
i tried my best
the brightness on my laptop is wayyy too bright so while this may look good to me, it can look really ugly to you

Art (c) me


Watcher of the month::iconmichvintage:

I urge you in the name of Elaine to watch this girl and her art because she's pretty af and she draws hoomans good and idk she's amazing.....

Note: I choose the watcher randomly with the number they are currently on below.
I use to generate the number.
But if the account is moved, suspended, deactivated, etc. then I choose another number.
It's possible you will win again, but to make it fair, I will most-likely choose another person. Sorry for that ^^"

have you watched the anime ghost stories 

2 deviants said the dub is hilarious
No deviants said it has the funniest anime dub ever and
No deviants said if you didn't watch it WATCH IT NOW WATCH IT
No deviants said with eng dubs not subs k


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